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Home Energy Efficiency

We've gathered these tips below to answer some of your questions on how to save energy around the house. Take a look and see how you can save hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars each year!

  • Weather stripping - Add or replace around doors and windows and plug up other leaks to save up to 10% on energy bills!
  • Caulking & insulation - Did you know attics typically make up 40% of the energy leaks in your home? Caulk the gaps and make sure you have at least 19" of insulation to stop the waste and knock 20% off your energy bills.
  • Low-flow shower head - Save more than11,000 gallons of water each year with EPA-certified fixtures. Watch your energy bills shrink up to $145 per year with water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators that reduce hot water—yet feel the same as the high-flow energy guzzlers.
  • Dimmer switches - Dim your lights only 25% and save 20% electricity, with your bulbs lasting up to 4 years longer.
  • Programmable thermostats - Set exact climate control to eliminate energy production when you're sleeping or away and you can save up to $150 annually. Save 7-10% on heating costs for each degree you set below 70. Save the same on cooling in the summer for each degree above 78. Use ceiling fans to supplement and reduce your bill even more.
  • Ceiling fans - Use ceiling fans to create a wind chill during hot weather and lower your cooling costs. The breeze keeps you just as comfortable at 4-6 degrees higher on the thermostat, cutting as much as 10% off your cooling bill.
  • Heat control platinum window film - Save up to $260 annually with film that reflects 70% of summer heat and 99% of UV rays, while retaining up to 55% of your homes' heat in the winter.
  • Energy Star qualified windows - Better materials, multiple panes and low-energy glass better insulate your home and can reduce energy bills as much as 20% per year, saving you from $125-$450 annually.
  • LED light bulbs - Supremely long life (about 22 years with 50% operation, 11 years if on full time!), 80-90% energy efficiency, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, wide design/shape selection and rugged durability are just a few of the benefits making LED the logical choice in many applications today.
  • CFL light bulbs - Available in eye-pleasing dimmable, 3-way, decorative, track, recessed, mini and outdoor styles, these fluorescent bulbs use 75% less energy, generate 75% less heat and last 10x longer than incandescents. Save $30 or more over the bulb's lifetime, lower your energy bills and reduce gas-guzzling trips to the store for replacements.
  • Energy Star qualified appliances - From kitchen appliances and ceiling fans to other household appliances, choosing Energy Star can save you up to 30% on energy bills. And if you're replacing a refrigerator, remember top-mounted freezer models use up to 25% less energy than side-by-side styles.
  • Dishwasher dos & dont's - Do scrape food off your dishes. Don't rinse or prewash them. Wash only full loads. Don't use the "rinse hold" feature for small loads, it uses three to seven gallons of hot water!
  • Tankless water heater - Rather than heating all of your tank water all the time, these save energy by heating only the water you're going to use, and they take up only a fraction of the space of conventional tanks. Monthly savings of 2-3% may be offset if electrical upgrades are needed, but they're a great option for newer homes and new construction.
  • Electronics - Most TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, computers and other electronics are using energy even when they're turned off. This standby power can easily add up to 10% of your monthly energy usage, so unplug or use a power strip to switch off multiple appliances at one time.
  • Heat pump - If your furnace or cooling systems is over 10 years old, replace it with an energy-efficient heat pump to save big.
  • Air Filters - Replace every one to three months so your forced air heating and cooling systems run at peak performance, rather than wasting energy chugging through the gunk. Avoid costly repairs too.
  • Fireplaces - If you have one, be sure to close the damper and keep your warm or cool air in!
  • Conserve waste - Turn off the lights when you leave a room and fix leaking faucets to cut down on wasted energy, cutting your electric bill even more.

Find out more on conserving home energy and renewable resources that generate your own power supply at www.eere.energy.gov/topics/homes.html

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