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Home Projects

Here we've gathered photos and testimonials from recent homeowner projects throughout Northeastern PA. Take a look at work from The Wire Guys and contact us if you would like an Estimate on your next home project.

Meter & Electric Service - Carl, Nanticoke

  • Remove and replace meter base and service due to the poor condition of the meter base and frayed jacket of the outside cable that connects to the utility company's connection.
  • The meter base was upgraded from a 100AMP to a 200AMP service, and new wiring was run from the meter to the existing electrical panel.
  • No grounding existed; our electricians added 2 ground rods and a ground bridge to bring the service up to the current NEC code.
  • While on site our electrician replaced 2 improperly sized circuit breakers for additional safety reasons at no additional charge to the home owner.

Pool Electrical - Snow, Sheppton

  • Electrical installation for an above ground pool installation.
  • Our electricians added two circuits from the house panel, one to the pool pump and the other to the pool heater.
  • All wiring from the existing panel in client's basement to the pool location was done in underground cable (UF), approximately 100'.

Subpanel & Electric Car Charging Station - Glen, Bear Creek


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