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If you'd like to work with industrial and business clients through Arc Electric, please watch for postings through your local Union. If you prefer to work with homeowners, consider applying for a job with The Wire Guys...

Do you like meeting new people and working in a comfortable atmosphere? Are you good at working alone or with little supervision? Ready to avoid construction chaos and get treated like the professional you are? Now you can earn more money without having to work crazy hours or tons of overtime!

If you have super communication skills and a clean-cut, positive attitude, we want to reward you. If you can say yes to key Wire Guy qualities below, please use this form to submit your résumé and enjoy a career with first-rate compensation and benefits.

  • Driver's license & good driving record
  • Clean background check
  • Drug-free
  • Positive people skills
  • 4 years full-time electrical experience
  • Knowledge of NEC code
  • Experience troubleshooting circuits
  • Great communicator

PA Driver's License
4 years experience
Good communicator
Know NEC code



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